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Proper vision benefits are important to a person's health and well-being. Vision coverage ensures that a member goes in for their yearly vision exam. Routine exams are a great preventive step that can lower a person's overall healthcare costs, since issues can be detected early and prevented. Vision insurance is one of the most popular benefits for a company to have.


Coverage Effective Date: October 1, 2020 Rate Guarantee: 24 Months

Frames: Once per 24 Months
Monthly Premiums
Employee $5.94
Employee & Family $15.48


Frames: Once per 24 months
Std. Plastic Lenses
Contact Lenses
1 per 12 months
1 per 12 months
1 per 24 months
1 per 12 months


In-Network Out-of-Network
EXAM $10 copay Up to $40
Retinal imaging benefit (subject to provider availability) $39 Not Covered
Standard plastic lenses:
Single Vision $25 copay Up to $30
Bifocal $25 copay Up to $50
Trifocal $25 copay Up to $70
Lenticular $25 copay Up to $70
Standard Progressive Lens $90 copay Up to $50
Premium Progressive Lens
Tier 1 $110 copay Up to $50
Tier 2 $120 copay Up to $50
Tier 3 $135 copay Up to $50
Tier 4 $90 copay, 80% of charge less than $120 allowance Up to $50
Lens Options:
Polycarbonate Lenses (Under age 19) Covered Up to $32
(Members may select any frame available) $120 retail allowance Up to $84
In lieu of eyeglass lenses
Elective (Std Contacts) $120 allowance Up to $120
Medical Necessar Covered Up to $210
Standard contact lens fitting exam fee $40 Not Covered
DISCOUNTS : You get everyday member savings, like 40% off a complete second pair of prescription glasses from participating in-network providers. You also get extra savings on LASIK procedures or discounts on hearing health care and services.
VISION NETWORKS : Members have the freedom to choose any provider from EyeMed’s Insight network. Our network offers the right mix of independent, national retail and regional retail providers like Lens Crafters, Pearle Vision, Target Optical, JC Penney, and Sears Optical. Members can also purchase glasses and contact lenses online at and

Find a provider 24/7 at

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