Vision Benefits You Can Trust

Proper vision benefits are important to a person's health and well-being. Vision coverage ensures that a member goes in for their yearly vision exam. Routine exams are a great preventive step that can lower a person's overall healthcare costs, since issues can be detected early and prevented. Vision insurance is one of the most popular benefits for a company to have.


Coverage Effective Date: October 1, 2022 Rate Guarantee: 24 Months

Frames: Once per 24 Months
Monthly Premiums
Employee $6.94
Employee & Family $18.09


All Eligible Employees
Contribution/Participation Voluntary, Assumes 50% of eligible employees.
Dependent Age Limits To Age 26
Network/Plan VSP/Full Feature - Choice B
Split(Exams/Materials) $10/$25


Once Every:
Eye Exams Calendar Year
Lenses Benefit Calendar Year
Contact Lenses Calendar Year
Frames Other Calendar Year


In Network (Copay) Out Network (Before Copay)
Eye Exams Benefit $10 $59 max
Lenses Benefit
Single Vision $25 $30 max
Bifocal $25 $50 max
Trifocal $25 $65 max
Lenticular $25 $100 max
Contact Lenses Benefit**
Medically Necessary Covered after copay $210 max
Elective Materials $130 max (Copay waived) $160 max (Copay waived)
Elective Fitting and Evaluation Member pays up to $60. 15% discount on the fee Included in the Contact Lens Allowance
Frames Benefit $130 retail max + 20% off balance $80 max
Costco, Walmart, Sam's Club Frame $70 retail max Not Covered
Visions Upgrade Options Included Retail Chain Provider Not Applicable

**In lieu of eyeglass lenses and/or frames


  • Guardian’s Financial Strength: Guardian has a long history of earning exemplary ratings from independent rating services which provide essential measures of a company'’s value as well as common ground for valid comparison. For additional details, visit our web site:
  • Guardian's affiliation with Vision Service Plan (VSP), offers one of the largest vision care networks in the industry with over 86,000 provider access points nationwide , including private practice providers, Visionworks and contracted Pearle Vision locations. It's easy to find a network provider at

Flexible, Cost-Effective Vision Coverage

Members have nationwide access to quality vision providers and affordable pricing on all lens options (savings average 20%-25%), and can choose any frame, lens type or brand on the market.

Member Cost for Lens Options

Solid Plastic Dye (Pink I and II) $0 $0
Solid Plastic Dye (Except Pink I and II) $15 $15
Plastic Gradient Dye $17 $17
UV Protection $16 $16
Factory Applied Scratch-Resistant Coating $17 $17
Polycarbonate Lenses (covered in full for dependent children) $31 $35
Anti-Reflective Coating $41 $41
Photochromatic Lenses — Plastic $70 $82

Member Cost for Progressive Lens Options

Custom Progressive — Plastic $150-$175
Premium Progressive — Plastic $95-$105
Standard Progressive — Plastic $55

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